Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get at CaveFit Waterfront. If your question is not there or you need any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to solve your query.

Do I have to complete an induction session?

Yes. All new CaveFitter’s must attend an induction class to ensure safety and confidence with all equipment and exercises. To book your induction simply sign up to your most convenient induction class.

Do you have to be a member to use CaveGym?

Yes. You do have to be a member to use CaveGym.

Does CaveFit Waterfront offer Memberships?

Yes. CaveFit Waterfront does offer memberships. They allows unlimited usage for all CaveFit sessions. For further information please visit our membership page.

Will I get charged for cancelling a class after booking it?

At CaveFit Waterfront, if you cancel more than 12 hours beforehand, there will be no charge. If you cancel within 12 hours before the class starts your fee will not be refunded. If you simply don’t turn up, you will be charged the full session fee. For more information visit our classes page.

What times are the sessions on?

At CaveFit Waterfront we have four main services at different times through throughout the week. For a comprehensive schedule and to book classes please visit our session booking page.

Where is CaveFit Waterfront located?

CaveFit gym is located at Unit 5 West Shore Business Centre, Long Craig Rigg, Edinburgh EH5 1QT. To see our location on google maps please visit our information page.

What time does CaveFit Waterfront open?

CaveFit Waterfront opens for scheduled sessions between 6am to 9pm Mon-Fri, 9am to 11am Saturdays and 10am to 12pm on Sundays. For further information please visit our information page.

What workouts or sessions are available at CaveFit Waterfront?

We offer various services at CaveFit Waterfront. For a comprehensive guide to all the classes we offer please view our CaveFit sessions page.

Does CaveFit Waterfront offer sessions for Children under the age of 16?

No. However young athlete development sessions are available through our Personal Trainers.

What payment methods are accepted at CaveFit Waterfront?

At CaveFit Waterfront we accept Visa and Mastercard card payments online and also cash and contactless payments in person. For further information please contact us on

Does CaveFit Waterfront offer one-on-one Personal Training sessions?

Yes. Our coaches offer one-on-one sessions with ongoing coaching and support. Find your desired Personal Trainer over on our Personal Training page.

Does CaveFit Waterfront offer screening and support to new joiners?

CaveFit gym Edinburgh offers all new members a 45 minute induction session. No matter what your ability, your safety is paramount whilst training with us. For further information please view our Induction page.

Does CaveFit Waterfront have parking?

Yes. We have ample parking for anyone using our facilities.

Does CaveFit Waterfront have disabled facilities?

Yes. CaveFit Waterfront has full disabled access and facilities.

How old do you have to be to train CaveFit Waterfront?

Our Personal Trainers can accept from the age of 16, or sometimes below for private one-on-one sessions. for CaveFit sessions it’s based upon ability after completing your induction screening. However 16 is the minima age requirement to train in any of our scheduled sessions.

Are there showers at CaveFit Waterfront?

We do not have showering facility’s at CaveFit but we do have changing rooms.